For many years I have been using Javascript.

I remember when Microsoft proposed VBScript as an alternative than was running only on IE, it made me laugh. Now all key players – even Microsoft – do support JavaScript.

JavaScript is the scripting language that users can use to dev and improve the new generation of applications : Mozilla, Microsoft, Sun java, Adobe, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and many more !

I kept using and learning Javascript.

Javascript officially became officially ECMAScript, but everybody keeps calling it Javascript.

ECMA stands for European Computer manufacturer Association : It sounds like a serious official organization that support standards : :-) ) But I do not even know if there is any computer manufacturer in Europe ! And why would a computer manufacturer be the right company to support a scripting language ? Very funny ! why waste time with ISO ? Try to get the get a stamp for the IWMA instead (Indonesian Washing Machine Association !)

Let’s be serious now. I love Javascript, I love to program in Javascript. Unfortunately Javascript it not well known on the employement market : The required skills are usually Java, Oracle, SAP, ASP.Net, etc … But Javascript is not enough recognized in the market. Meanwhile It is a key language, that is becoming the real standard accross platforms, for many kind of developments :

Riche Internet Applications (RIA) with AJAX or JSON, Widgets for Yahoo / Google / Microsoft or others, Google Gears and other offline tools, iphone, flash, Java, Microsoft RIA, Ebooks (mobipocket / Amazon) …

I would like to thank John RESIG for publishing this great diagram that show where javascript is implemented :

Javascript map

Nowadays I use Javascript when I work on SAP intranet developements, indeed I work as an SAP technical consultant and I do work on SAP projects for corrections, improvments and new developments.

SAP does use many web technologies such as BSP (Business Server Page, WebDynpro, EP Entreprise Portal), and I enjoy to work on projects usings these technologies (SAP CRM, SAP e-HR, SAP SRM, EBP E-procurement …).

Most recruiters do not even know the difference between Java and Javascript !

I would like to explain to recruiters and my potential customers that my expertise in javascript can help a lot when :

– You want to improve an existing web application (in SAP BSP, SAP WebDynpro, on SAP EP, in ASP, JSP or PHP), to make it more user friendly, to improve the performance, to modernize it with the latests technologies such as AJAX, Web 2.0 (Web 2.0 is not a technology but I am not taling to techies or now, thanks for your understanding !).

– You want to develop a Widget (like the one you have seen that display the weather forecast), that can display simple data, indicators that are very usefull for every day’s work.

– Flash applications, offline applications with Google Gears etc …