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OK iphone is leading the market of smartphones, but the competition is just starting.

I believe that Apple is going to loose its leadership.

iphone is (almost) a single product with its 3GS, while Android is an (open source) operating system already implemented by several phone manufacturers.

So the customers have a wide choice of products : better photo/video camera, any size, any brand, any color, any price, with any type of keyboard, with this or that added or removed feature, with any included software (like widgets, screen customization, more Google apps like Google navigation), or any thing else included.

Android reminds me Symbian : the OS for mobile phone that is (was) leading the market with Nokia and SonyEricsson and other manufacturers.

Like Symbian, Android is the mobile OS ready to use for all phone manufacturers.

But Android goes beyond Symbian : it is free and open source.

So it means that all manufacturers can implement and use it and moreover they can modify it and adapt it as they need.

So Apple iphone is not in competition with Google but with (soon) all mobile phone manufacturers ! Like when Apple Mac is in competition with all Windows PC manufacturers. Apple versus the rest of the world !

Remember the (old) war of (closed source) Mac versus compatible PC (with Microsoft and intel leading the market) ;

and now Google is leading the new compatible market but for smartphones and soon for all mobile phones.

I have no doubt that Apple will continue to produce great products, but it will only be able to keep a small market share with Apple fans, while the bigger piece of cake will be shared by all other mobile phone manufacturers using Android mobile OS.