Office365 access web app ?



Microsoft Office 365 is great and not so expensive.


They have made on online version of Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint but Access !




There is even a free version called Office Web Apps :

  • Word Web app,
  • Excel Web App,
  • Powerpoint Web app,
  • but no Access Web app !


There is an online cloud alternative to MS Access and Filemaker :

It is called :


alternative to Microsoft MS Access Web App

It is web platform where you can create your database, it has all the necessary features and more !

  • Create tables
  • All type of fields like text, date, numeric, and more ( email, url, picture, file, audio, youtube, GPS, tel, sms, … )
  • Create forms ( like drag and drop but easier, it is created automatically ! )
  • Import and export Excel / csv file

Advanced features :

  • Link / join between tables : like link between an order and a customer id
  • Master / detail joins : like orders, orders details
  • HTML Wysiwyg editor
  • Emailing feature
  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin integration
  • Sell a file to download, for example a PDF or an MP3 audio file : the user pay with Paypal and then download !
  • RSS feature for news
  • Forms can be public, private, or to collaborate with colleagues or partners
  • Reports can be public, private, or to collaborate with colleagues or partners
  • Advanced report features such as header, footer, grouping, sum, master-details, joins
  • and many more …

Try for free : just contact me, send me an excel file with a draft of what you want, and I will create you database app and import your files

info (at) myquickapps ( dot ) com